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Internationale Gesellschaft der F.X. Mayr Ärzte

Worldwide search for fully trained F.X. Mayr physicians

  Country - In-patient / In-patient II* / Out-patient:
  *) Clinically active physicians in hotels in which offer, apart of other therapies, also MAYR-treatments, or rather, also hosting hotel guests who do not participate in the medical treatments.

Post code, post code area:
  Please enter at least the initial digit of the desired post code area. For example, the entry “8”, browses for all F.X. Mayr physicians, whose location is registered with the post code 8****. The entry “81369” searches for all F.X. Mayr physicians whose post code matches exactly the input. If you leave the field blank, all post codes are browsed.
  If you do not enter the post code of the desired place you may also enter the first letter or the complete name of the place. E.g. the input „Mü“ may find places like München as well as Mühlacker. If you leave the field blank, all places are browsed.

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Practice for modern Mayr medicine*1)

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*1) Dieses Qualitätssiegel bestätigt, dass eine regelmäßige Fortbildung im Sinne der modernen Mayr Medizin absolviert wurde.
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