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MayrPrevent® Partners

Labor Dr. Bayer

Certainly, Labor Dr. Bayer in Stuttgart is already known by many members of the society, especially due to its complete blood analysis and acid-base measurements pursuant to Sander. Apart of further specialized analysis, Labor Dr. Bayer also offers a nuanced fatty acid analysis. With this analysis, the proportion of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids may be distinguished, failures of further fat burning may be discovered and recommendations on the consumption of oils. Furthermore, the patient receives a written report on his situation.


HLH BioPharma

The company HLH BioPharma Vertriebs GmbH from Balve, Sauerland, is an innovative family-owned company and was   founded in 1994. We have dealt with probiotic therapy concepts for more than 10 years. Nowadays, HLH is one of the leading German providers of probiotic food supplements. For many physicians and natural health practitioners, Lactobact® product ranges are an inherent part of naturopathic therapy.   Apart from probiotic compounds, orthomolecular products and enzyme preparations are an important part of the product range. Our aim is to complement the portfolio continuously with other high-quality products. The provision of information is one of our highest principles of our entrepreneurial activity.

Concept CB GmbH

Hubertusallee 16
14193 Berlin

Telefon: +49 30 577095832
Telefax: +49 30 577095839




Wörwag Pharma GmbH & Co KG and F. X. Passage SL®

Wörwag Pharma GmbH & Co KG is a middle-sized family business located in Böblingen (Germany) with a competence in the domain of biofactors that has been growing for decades. Besides a broad palette of high-value vitamin, mineral and trace-element preparations, the business offers the fasting product F. X. Passage SL®  – a good-tasting saline laxative for gentle bowel cleansing. The sparkling, fruity salt contains, besides the active ingredient magnesium sulfate (Epsom salts), other natural, low-allergen contents such as fruit acids and sodium hydrogen carbonate, which not only improve the taste but at the same time acts as deacidification.

As the name says, F. X. Passage SL® was especially developed for gentle bowel cleansing within the framework of an F. X. Mayr treatment.

For further information:

Calwer Str. 7
D-71034 Böblingen
Tel: 0049 (0) 7031 6204 - 0
Internet: und




Institut Allergosan pharmazeutische Produkte Forschungs- und Vertriebs GmbH
(Society for the Research and Distribution of Pharmaceutical Products)
Gmeinstrasse 13, 8055 Graz, Austria

Since 1991 Institut Allergosan has dealt with naturopathic therapy concepts pursuing two main aspects: at first, the bowel and its microbiota are considered a central topic for human health, at second the bowel as the biggest human organ is the focus of the entire research activity of the company, which is carried out at four international university hospitals.
The probiotics which are developed under rigorous scientific criteria distinguish themselves through their effectiveness which can be noticed quickly by the patient. This results from the adherence to all WHO criteria of quality and a special matrix dependant on the indication which obtains the highest possible activity, stability and reproductive rate of the molecular genetically sequenced symbionts, which are investigated this way with respect to all their qualities. 




Biogena Curabalance® Supplements - natural therapy accelerators

Micronutrients have both in the prevention of diet-related diseases as well as in the accompanying treatment a considerable therapeutic potential. Biogena preparations can support each treatment of the doctor in an accompanying meaningful and effective way. They are used to supplement and optimise micronutrient status, close nutrient gaps and restore balance regulations naturally. A targeted use of micronutrients can also reduce the required dose of medication and the side effects.

The way to an optimal supply of micronutrients leads sooner or later to Biogena, the manufacturer of Austrian premium products in this segment. The Biogena program is characterised by quality, safety and responsibility.

How to get products:

For doctors and therapists under the  Webshop


Biogena Austria
Neutorstr. 21
A-5020 Salzburg
Tel: +43 (0)662-23 11 11

Biogena Germany:
Biogena Deutschland GmbH
Sägewerkstr. 3
D-83395 Freilassing
Tel: +49 (0)8654-77 4000

Biogena Shops:
Biogena Shop Vienna
Millerg. 35, A-1060 Wien (Nähe Westbahnhof/Mariahilferstr.) U3/U6/S 52
Mo-Fr 8.00–18.00, Sa 9.00–12.00
Tel. +43 (0)1-595 31 31-0

Biogena Shop Graz
Schießstattgasse 14, Graz (verkehrsgünstig Nähe Dietrichsteinplatz/Jakominiplatz)
Mo-Fr 9.00-18.00, Sa 9.00-12.00
Tel. +43 (0)316-834 600

Biogena Shop Salzburg
Neutorstr. 13, Salzburg
Mo-Fr 9.00-18.00, Sa 9.00-12.00
Tel. +43 (0)662-23 11 11-211






Das Labor Biovis Diagnostik MVZ GmbH ist eines der führenden Labore im Bereich humanmedizinischer Spezialdiagnostik. Schwerpunkte der Laboranalysen liegen in den Bereichen funktionelle Stuhldiagnostik, Immunologie, orthomolekulare Medizin und Präventivmedizin. In höchstem Maße innovativ, werden Goldstandards aus der Grundlagenforschung, wie die molekulargenetische Stuhldiagnostik, im Hause Biovis etabliert und in engen Kooperationen mit internationalen Forschungsgruppen optimiert. Die Bereiche orthomolekulare und mitochondriale Medizin, Allergien und Unverträglichkeiten, Endokrinologie/Neurostress, Entgiftung und zahlreiche weitere werden vorangetrieben und praxisorientierte Stufenkonzepte erarbeitet. Das Ergebnis ist ein individueller Befund der auf der Grundlage anamnestischer Angaben zu einem Behandlungskonzept umgesetzt werden kann.





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