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Diagnostics & Therapy

The Austrian scientist and holistic physician Dr. F.X. MAYR recognized the intestine as the “root system“ of the human being. He developed a sensitive diagnostic based on the physician’s five senses that takes deviations from an optimum state of health into account well before the manifestation of illnesses. His therapy method is based upon rest, detoxification and coaching of the digestive tract and on the substitution of the required vital substances.
Physiologists, nutritionists and sports trainers have precisely calculated what the human being needs for living per unit of time and body weight and which foods contain these substances.
The healthiest and most valuable food does is not of much use if bad eating habits affect the digestion or even if an irritated intestine with disturbed functions prevents an adequate digestion.

The most holistic and optimum digestion is of no use if the food cannot be digested adequately.

The best heating material is worthless, if the oven is full of soot or simply does not work.

The diagnostic process under F.X.MAYR makes full use of the physician’s five senses and is capable of detecting deviations from an optimal state of health long before the manifest outbreak of the disease. It describes different abnormal belly forms, body postures, thorax deformations, facial and skin alterations and palpatory findings that may be caused by functional bowel disorders and indigestion. The tonus as well as the functionality of the gastrointestinal tract may be determined this way and compensatory changes from optimum body measurements may be calculated exactly, for example for controlling the therapy outcome.

Unfortunately, there are few “achievers“ whose digestive tract is of optimum health. Normally, we eat

too fast
too much
too often
at the wrong time
under stress
being too tired.


DarmThis way, the gastrointestinal tract becomes overburdened, dysfunctional and food is disintegrated in form of rot and fermentation instead of being adequately digested. The resulting “intestinal autointoxication“ is the cause of the so-called enteropathy syndrome according to F.X.MAYR which has a harmful result on all organ systems and metabolic parameters.

Treatment according to F.X. Mayr aims to regenerate the gastrointestinal tract his way so that it becomes newly empowered to digest and absorb a balanced nutrition with all its valuable elements. Furthermore, participants are made aware of correct eating behavior and the complete body is purged and detoxified.

REST, DETOXIFICATION and TRAINING of the digestive tract are the main emphases of the therapeutic action. The ingestion of an isotonic bitter salt solution in the morning stimulates the flow of bile, detoxifies the liver, helps the intestinal peristalsis, cleanses the intestine of old stool residues and toxic metabolism products. The bitter water works like an enema, even though it flows in the physiological direction from above to below where it has an effect also on the complete small intestine. Research has shown that the intestinal flora is not affected by this.

Diet is adjusted to individual requirements. The classic version of the F.X. Mayr diet consists of a stale bread roll and ¼ liter of milk for breakfast and lunch. The crucial factor is that every single bite of the bread roll must be chewed for 40 times till a mixture of saliva and carbohydrates have been produced in the mouth. Before this mixture is swallowed, a teaspoon full of milk is added, mixed with the saliva. The merit of this procedure consists in the pre-digestion of the milk through the saliva produced by the bread roll in the mouth and therefore the greatest possible protection of deeper sections of the intestine. Furthermore, small portions, proper chewing and insalivation and the natural feeling of satiety may be learned that way. According to the personal condition, weight and the existing disorders, the diet may be adjusted to the individual requirements. Protein additives, base soups and finally the so-called “mild excretory diet“ (a very bland warm whole food diet) also facilitate the treatment of debilitated persons and provide a gentle conclusion of the strict diet. Naturally, it is provided that in the event of intolerances or allergies, alternatives other than milk and bread rolls may be used. It has resulted in many cases that the best treatment success may be obtained by a mild excretory diet together with an individual consideration of food intolerances and an individual dosification of valuable proteins and good oils. In that, emphasis is still laid on the chewing training.

A key element of the therapy is the manual belly treatment by a physician. It improves the oxygen supply of the tissue, trains the physiological abdominal breathing, relieves mesenterial blockages of the lymph flow and activates the so-called “villi pumps“, or that is to say, it helps the elimination of body wastes and toxins into the intestine. Furthermore, it provides an intense contact with the attending physician who may prepare diagnostics in the framework of the belly treatments and give further advice. This way, the physician may offer a real holistic medical treatment which considers the complete living conditions.

Very often, base mineral salts are administered in the form of base powder in order to prevent a “diet acidosis“. Vitamins and minerals (especially magnesium) also must be frequently substituted.

F.X.MAYR treatment is particularly suitable for the treatment of chronic illnesses.

Metabolic syndrome, overweight, underweight, Roemheld syndrome, gastritis, reflux disease, chronic pancreatitis, chronic constipation, irritable colon, fermentative dyspepsia, leaky gut syndrome, food intolerances, rheuma, tension headache, migraine, degenerative spinal syndrome, neurodermitis, allergies, fatigue syndromes as well as self-discovery and reorientation are conceivable indications.

F.X. Mayr medicine is an important part of basic preventive medical provision and is characterized by a rise in the patient’s health awareness.

It was shown that MAYR medicine has a regulating effect on many metabolic parameters, blood pressure and body weight. Pathological changes are compensated, while a regular state of health is hardly influenced. By increasing the vital capacity of the lungs and an improvement of the microcirculation, the oxygen supply within the tissues is improved. The lowering of the diaphragm, having been positioned too high, frequently provides that tensions in the nape of the neck disappear as well as heart disorders. The threshold of anaerobic metabolism is increased and old acid residues are relieved. The regulation ability and vegetative control are improved so that other therapies like acupuncture, neural therapy, homeopathy may have a better result on the basis of an F.X.Mayr treatment.

Detoxification is provided not only for the complete body but also for spirit and soul. In the framework of a F.X. Mayr treatment you will get to know yourself better, become more sensitive for your own emotions and needs as well as for external influences and, above all, the way is paved towards a healthier life in the future.

F.X. Mayr medicine has been officially acknowledged by the Austrian Medical Association.



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