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Internationale Gesellschaft der F.X. Mayr Ärzte

Quality standards

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Our permanent endeavor is the securing and further development of the quality of all offerings in the area of F.X. Mayr diagnostics and treatment.
This also requires the certification of centers which offer modern Mayr medicine in the framework of an in-patient treatment, in particular, in specialized health hotels. With this, we provide an orientation of the interested guest as to which centers he may refer to for reliable high quality Mayr medicine. We are very grateful for every feedback which the guests of our houses give us.
The generally good cooperation between the centers and resident Mayr physicians provides long-term holistic care of the guests / patients in favor of responsible preventive and regenerative medicine.
We have set up the following quality criteria which should be strictly adhered to:

The head physician must be an approved and certified physician for modern Mayr medicine. In case of absence of the head physician or of the medical director, another certified physician with a quality seal for modern Mayr medicine must be available. The subordinate physicians must have completed at least one Mayr training session and must assist another Mayr course within the first three years from the date of joining. In certified Mayr centers it is allowed that two or three times a week the Mayr physician provides only availability by phone.       
Emergency care and the communication of the Mayr physician with the emergency physician must be provided at any hour of the day.

At least three manual belly treatments are to be carried out per guest. Manual belly treatments may be only be carried out by a physician who completed at least one training session in F.X. Mayr diagnostics and treatment. All treatment measures must be recorded in the patient’s file.

No diets and drinks may be offered which are contradictory to the Mayr method. The chef must be adequately trained. The head physician has authority over the preparation of the diets.

Explicit written and oral information on the principles, the organization and the detoxification aspect of the Mayr treatment and healthy daily life according to Mayr must be available to the patients.

Quality management:
All certified Mayr houses agree to comply with the certification guidelines of business evaluated periodically by an auditor announced by the International Society of Mayr physicians.

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