Become a member of the International Society of Mayr Doctors
The International Society of Mayr Doctors has been offering courses on diagnostics and therapy according to F.X. Mayr for over 50 years. Decades of teaching and development work and experienced long-serving F.X. Mayr doctors as course instructors guarantee a sound, serious training with all Attributes of a contemporary, scientifically founded preventive and regenerative medicine based on the proven teachings of Dr. Franz Xaver Mayr. Furthermore, it is a platform for F.X. Mayr doctors who have already completed their training.
As a member you also benefit from the following advantages:
- 3 issues of the F. X. Mayr journal annually
- Registration as F. X.Mayr doctor on our homepage
- Access to the online member area with numerous documents, graphics, scientific publications, etc.
- Job offers in our magazine and in the member area
- Discounts at the course hotel

Membership fee (yearly):

€ 80,-- for direct debit
€ 90,-- with payment slip / bank transfer

Reduced (students, doctors in training, doctors on maternity leave, retired doctors)
€ 40,-- for direct debit
€ 50,-- with payment slip / bank transfer
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Documents and information for registering as a member can be requested at