MayrPrevent® courses are used to train F.X. Mayr doctors with MayrPrevent® seals. The following courses also have refresher function - F.X. Mayr doctors can use it to renew their MayrPrevent® seal, since the MayrPrevent® courses each represent the 15 points necessary to maintain the seal.
The courses are also open to doctors who are not F.X. Mayr doctors. This allows interested colleagues to get a taste of our medical methodology and form their own opinion as to whether they would like to start training as F.X. Mayr doctors.
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The course places will be allocated in the order in which the payments are made and will be confirmed accordingly. Due to the limited number of participants, we recommend early registration.
The general terms and conditions about the courses Diagnostics and Therapy according to F. X. Mayr apply.
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