Delicious cooking with Peter Mayr
Peter Mayr, Dipl. Diät-Küchenmeister, was a companion and co-author of the well-known Mayr doctor Dr. Erich Rauch for 28 years. For decades, research and development were carried out together in pioneering work. The first common book was Die Milde Ableitungs-Diät. This and further books of Peter Mayr find you under  MAYR BOOKS or on his website:

Peter Mayr regularly presents healthy and digestible recipes and nutrition tips especially for F.X. Mayr connoisseurs, which you can find here with recipes for easy cooking.
The healthy breakfast
The optimal day begins with the optimal attitude and with a healthy breakfast full of energy. In the morning we are rested, therefore we have the optimal digestive performance. Raw vegetable muesli, vegetables, fruit and juices are possible, but also a small amount of cooked cereal porridge with high quality vegetable oils as energy- or Power and concentration dispensers for a good start to the day.

Small quantities of good rye wholemeal bread with sourdough or pastry, butter, honey, egg white spread, good lean ham and sausage, egg and cheese provide variety. Tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, cottage cheese, curd.

For breakfast there is nothing wrong with a cup of espresso or bean coffee, but you can also choose from all kinds of cereal coffees and herbal teas.

But with bread and pastries you should generally be more cautious, try to get by with half the amount of bread for the time being and if you manage to do that, halve the amount again. You can also do without bread in between, because protein saturates well. The fat burning will thank you for it. Because bread and pastries are our main carbohydrate carriers, which are converted into fat if there is too much.

Make sure that you do not eat anything until lunch for 4-6 hours so that fat burning works.
The light dinner
Dinner, if taken at all, should be especially light. You should avoid raw vegetables, fruit, salads and freshly squeezed fruit or vegetable juices. These foods are particularly fermenting.

In between you deliberately skip dinner and drink even more. That also satisfies.

Since the digestive performance is weakest in the evening, you must pay special attention to the selection, preparation and quantity of the dishes. It's about eating little or nothing, so you don't strain yourself and lose energy unnecessarily, so you can sleep well and look forward to a good breakfast.

Anyone who is physically, mentally and emotionally overtired and sits down to eat will noticeably reduce their digestive performance. In order to facilitate digestion, it is advisable to eat Food Combining in the evening.
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