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The International Society of Mayr Doctors represents, disseminates and teaches diagnostics and therapy according to Dr. med. F.X. Mayr. We have been active for over 50 years and today have over 600 members who are committed to our quality standards.

Our activities are aimed at securing and further developing the quality of our services in the field of diagnostics and therapy. The focus is on the many training and further education opportunities. Information about Mayr medicine is another focal point.
As a patient or prospective patient you will find on the website above all the directories of certified Mayr doctors and Mayr centres, accessible by various search functions. The concept of modern Mayr medicine is summarised for you under Mayr Prevent®.
As a doctor you will find information about our statutes and membership on this website, about education and training opportunities and quality circles, about conferences and congresses, about the therapeutic Mayr-Prevent® concept and about our ongoing quality assurance.

You are looking for a qualified F.X. Mayr doctor in your area or want to find Mayr doctors in certain countries or cities? Here you can find all qualified Mayr doctors worldwide with individual search settings. Get an up-to-date overview with all the necessary data to contact them.
The quality standard of the Mayr centres is regularly checked by us. Here you will find a complete overview of the certified centres. Find the house that best suits your ideas and needs and get a first impression of the Mayr Centre of your choice.

Podcast Dr. Sepp Fegerl
Wellness Curated: "Fasting: the good, the bad and the extrem"
In this article, Dr. Fegerl reveals how to fast properly: He talks about what works and what doesn't and how often you should fast to get the maximum benefit.
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F.X. Mayr courses in South America
Entire training in Spanish with Dra. Cecilia Mirenda
For more information and course dates, please contact info@mayrkurweb.com or https://mayrkurweb.com/

Mayr Medicine Education
Our current education course offer     select course for more information
Date fromCourse
102608.10.2023Basic Course (A)German
102705.11.2023Advanced Course (B)English
202326.11.2023Final Course (C)German
302328.01.2024Basic Course (A)English
302505.05.2024Advanced Course (B)German
302716.06.2024Final Course (C)German
302921.07.2024Advanced Course (B)English
303006.10.2024Basic Course (A)German
303124.11.2024Final Course (C)English
Please note that an A-B-C sequence is binding. General information can be found under    EDUCATION