The International Society of Mayr Doctors has been offering courses on diagnostics and therapy according to F.X. for over 50 years. Mayr. These decades of teaching and development work and experienced Mayr doctors as course instructors guarantee you a sound and serious training. An education that conveys the proven teaching of Dr. Franz Xaver Mayr as contemporary, scientifically based preventive and regenerative medicine.
The training within the framework of our company is recognized by the Austrian Medical Association with a diploma. The diploma of the International Society of Mayr Doctors can only be obtained by attending these courses or courses that comply with the diploma guidelines of the Austrian Medical Association.
The training as F.X. Mayr doctor includes 3 courses:
The basic (A), advanced (B) and final (C) courses each last 2 weeks and conclude the personal experience in the form of a F.X therapy. Mayr for each course participant. The C-course includes the final examination, which is required to obtain the Diploma and the MayrPrevent Seal.
The A-B-C sequence must be observed. The training as F.X. Mayr doctor with MayrPrevent seal can be completed within 2 years in 3 courses with 4 different teachers.
The course places will be allocated in the order in which the payments are made and will be confirmed accordingly. Due to the limited number of participants, we recommend early registration, but no later than 4 weeks before the start of the course.

The general terms and conditions about the courses Diagnostics and Therapy according to F. X. Mayr apply.
 General terms and conditions