The first goal of our activities is the assurance and further development of the quality of all offers in the field of diagnostics and therapy according to F.X. Mayr. This includes the certification of F.X. Mayr centres, which offer F.X. Mayr medicine on an inpatient basis, especially in specialised health hotels. The certification with the MayrPrevent® seal extends to the practicing F.X. Mayr doctors, the therapy, the kitchen and the patient information. The certification is checked regularly. Thus we give the interested guest an orientation, which F.X. Mayr centers offer the F.X. Mayr medicine in reliably good quality.
The generally good cooperation between F.X. Mayr centres and established F.X. Mayr physicians enables a sustainable Care of guests and patients in the service of responsible preventive and regenerative medicine.
Certified Mayr Centres
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Mayr centre in which beside the F.X. Mayr cure can also be used for other therapies or to accommodate non-resorting hotel guests.
2028Bleib Berg Bad BleibergJa
1026Emily Medical CenterVynnykyJa
1F.X. Mayr Zentrum BodenseeÜberlingen-HödingenJa
14F.X. Mayr-Gesundheitszentrum RügenOstseebad BaabeJa
8Gesundheitshotel SpanbergerGröbmingJa
6Gesundheitszentrum Park IglsInnsbruck-IglsJa
15Gräflicher Park Health & Balance ResortBad Driburg Nein
19IBEROSTAR Anthelia Mayr Kur SpaceCosta AdejeNein
16Kurhotel **** Landhaus KönigGrünenbachJa
4Lanserhof LansLans bei Innsbruck Ja
2Lanserhof TegernseeMarienstein / WaakirchenJa
2027Loodus BioSpaTartu mkJa
12MAYRLIFE AltausseeAltausseeJa
24Medical Center - SkhidnytsiaSkhidnytsia townshipNein
2029MY MAYR MED ResortBad BirnbachJa
18OCÉANO Hotel Health SpaPunta del HidalgoNein
7Rickatschwende F. X. Mayr Health RetreatDornbirnJa
20Rixos PrykarpattyaTruskavetsNein
2026Termas Puyehue Wellnes & Spa ResortOsornoJa
3The Original FX MAYRMaria Wörth Nein
22Traumhotel "...liebes Rot-Flüh" Grän-HaldenseeNein
21Verba MayrPushkinoJa
11VIVAMAYR Maria WörthMaria WörthJa
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By means of regular quality assurance, the company wants to ensure security especially for the layman, that the quality standards of modern Mayr medicine are adhered to. In order to be recognized as a certified Mayr Centre, the following quality standards must be met:
The chief physician or medical director must be a qualified, certified F.X. Mayr doctor with MayrPrevent® seal. In the absence of the chief physician or medical director, another certified F.X. Mayr doctor with MayrPrevent® seal must be available. Subordinate physicians must have completed at least one Mayr course and attend another Mayr course within three years of the entry date. In a certified F.X. Mayr center, the F.X. Mayr doctor may only be contacted by telephone two days a week. Medical emergency care must be guaranteed at all times.
At least 3 abdominal treatments per week are to be carried out per guest. These may only be carried out by a doctor who has completed at least one training course in Diagnostics and therapy according to F.X. Mayr has completed.

All therapeutic measures must be documented in a patient file.
No diets or drinks may be offered to patients, that contradict Mayr therapy.
The chef must be trained to do so.
The chief physician is responsible for the dietetics of the kitchen.
There must be detailed patient information in word and writing about the principles of implementation, the rejection of the Mayr therapy as well as about the healthy life in the sense of Mayr in everyday life.
Review of criteria
All certified Mayr Centers agree to have their operations checked at regular intervals for compliance with the certification guidelines by an auditor announced by the Board of Directors of the International Society of Mayr Doctors.
case reports
All certified centres should document five "cases" per year. This documentation also helps you in your quality assurance and can of course also be used anonymously for lectures and arguments to colleagues and journalists.
COSTS (net)
Certification: € 1400,00 (+ travel expenses)
Annual fee: € 1250,00