In current research, diseases and functional disorders of the gastrointestinal tract are proving to be a major cause of most diseases of civilization. They require a holistic concept for a generally practicable diagnosis and causal therapy.
Based on the diagnosis and therapy according to F. X. Mayr, the MayrPrevent® concept meets these requirements. The Austrian researcher and physician Dr. Franz Xaver Mayr recognized the intestine as the "root system" of humans. He developed a sensitive diagnosis that takes into account deviations from the optimal state of health long before the manifestation of disease.
His therapy method is based on the protection, cleansing and training of the digestive system.

Replenish your natural life force.

What wouldn't we do improve our health: Yoga, running, walking, detox diets, cures... and it seems as if a new "magic bullet" appears practically every day. However, we generally never give our health a second thought until our body has already started to give us signs and signals telling us that something is in fact wrong:

Skin problems, sleep disorders, exhaustion, arthritis, obesity, digestive disorders - the list of common ailments is endless. However, we have access to an amazing central source of our health, which we rarely give any thought to: our intestines.

The Austrian researcher and physician Dr. Franz Xaver Mayr recognised that the gut is the "root system" of a human being. In fact, it is the gastrointestinal tract and its diseases and disorders which lie at the root of a number of diseases plaguing modern society. This is confirmed time and time again by the latest studies and research.

You yourself hold the key to boosting your body's inherent self-healing capacities and to the complete and successful regeneration of your intestines, preventing the onset of disease, by taking a conscious approach to how you treat your digestive system. And your MayrPrevent® physician, a trained and experienced expert in the "root system" of the human body, can provide you with the competent support. It's well worth taking a look – it’s all about your health and well-being - it’s important!

The gut is the root system of the human body.

The intestines regulate and control the supply of nutrients to the body. In doing so, this organ performs a task which is vital to our well-being.

However, this very organ, which is so important to our health, is usually neglected. For the intestines to be able to function correctly, they need the right support: eating slowly, chewing thoroughly and insalivating, paying attention to when we actually feel full, not eating too often or too late, eating when we are not stressed or in a hurry, reducing our consumption of carbohydrates and avoiding raw foods in the evenings. Nevertheless we all commit some cardinal errors which overload and stress the intestines.

We frequently eat  too quickly  a diet which is too acidic  too much  at the wrong times  too often  when we are too tired

If the digestive system is burdened in this way, toxins will be produced as a result of fermentation and putrefaction due to bacterial processes, which again, overload the intestines and burden the liver, and as a result, place stress on all organ systems. Digestive disorders, irritable bowel syndrome, food intolerances, metabolic disorders and atherosclerosis are all a very common outcome. Joint and back problems, sleep disturbances and disorders and a general reduction in well-being and performance are also associated with these toxic processes.

MayrPrevent® Therapy tackles these problems at their roots. It specialises in the treatment of diseases and disorders which occur in the intestines and can stop them in their tracks before they even have a chance to appear by the use of targeted methods and measures.

A highly-specialised diagnostic approach.

To enable a doctor to accurately assess a patient's actual state of health, he will need guidelines and yardsticks which can help him to distinguish between what is healthy and what is not. F. X. Mayr has developed and defined these methods.

This diagnostic approach described the shape, size and characteristics of a healthy abdomen and was thus able to assign normal criteria to the intestines, which has long been the case for other organs, such as the heart, lungs, liver and spleen etc. It was able to show that the abdominal cavity in individuals of varying height and weight is approximately the same size and that a healthy stomach in an adult can actually be spanned by one hand applied in a specific way. It also demonstrated how regular bowel evacuations and freedom from symptoms in the abdominal area alone do not necessarily constitute evidence of the true health of the digestive system.

A diagnosis according to F. X. Mayr relies on all five senses of the practitioner and describes the different abdominal shapes, postures, thoracic changes, facial and skin changes which can occur as a result of functional disturbances and disorders of the intestines and poor digestion.

The MayrPrevent® physician examines the tone, position and condition of the gastrointestinal tract and assesses compensatory changes by comparing them with the normal values. This subtle diagnostic approach allows the MayrPrevent® practitioner to plan the therapy and to monitor, check and adapt the measures and methods used throughout the course of treatment.

Activating the body's inherent ability to heal itself.

MayrPrevent® therapy is an intensive dietary and physical treatment. It helps to support active healthcare, boosts general health and improves the healing of many diseases and disorders of modern society. It also has a favourable action on all organ systems and improves the efficacy of other healing methods.

The key approaches are detoxification, cleansing and a functional improvement of the intestines. In this way, the production of toxins in the intestines is halted and the stress on the entire organism removed, which ultimately has a regenerative and cleansing effect on the blood, lymph, tissues and cells.

The gastrointestinal tract is regenerated to such an extent that it is once again able to efficiently and correctly digest and reabsorb high quality foodstuffs with all their valuable components and nutrients. Bowel movements are normalised, symptoms relieved, or diseases healed in individuals for whom a link between their health problems and the digestive tract was very often not suspected.

MayrPrevent® Therapy is any treatment in which the four principles (rest, cleansing, training and substitution) are used simultaneously, applied individually, correctly and over a sufficiently long period.

Four powerful impulses for your health.

Rest targets the relief, relaxation, recovery and regeneration of the patient as an entire organism via the digestive system. Depending on the individual findings, the bland diet is personally adapted to suit the patient, and can range from a fasting cure to the MayrPrevent® diet and a mild cleansing diet, taking any intolerances into account. Plenty of relaxation, peace and quiet and sound sleep are all a fundamental part of rest.

Cleansing helps to clean out the intestines and to detoxify and deacidify the entire organism. The saline irrigation of bitter water, which promotes the biliary secretions, prevents the reabsorption of substances which the excretory organs must eliminate and boosts intestinal activity. The manual abdominal treatment, performed by the physician, provides additional support to the detoxification activities.

Training corrects poor eating habits. The patient also learns how to chew property, eat slowly, how the body signals its natural feeling of fullness, the importance of drinking enough fluids, natural abdominal breathing and the self-cleansing power of the intestines. Finally, the patient gains a new awareness of how to improve and maintain their own good health.

Substitution supplements any vitamins, minerals and trace elements which may be required.

The four principles make MayrPrevent® therapy a highly unique treatment. The concomitant abdominal treatment by the physician is a very important part of this therapy.

A key component of MayrPrevent® therapy is manual abdominal therapy, which is performed by the MayrPrevent® physician. Manual abdominal therapy is a simple but effective treatment and its effects are noticeable throughout the entire body within a very short time.

The treatment consists of rhythmic pressing and gentle pressures applied over the abdominal area. By including the small intestine and with movements performed in synchronicity with the patient's breathing, during which the pressure in the abdominal region is increased by the diaphragm from above and by the therapist's hands from below (totally painlessly), the level of tension in the intestines is improved within just a few minutes, the circulation activated and lymphatic drainage boosted. This leads not only to a measurable reduction in the abdominal girth, improved respiration and cardiac activity and regulation of blood pressure, but also a simultaneous improvement in general skin health, and a more relaxed appearance can be observed on a regular basis.

The abdominal treatment has the following effects:
Tonification of the intestines  ≡  Easing of spasticity (IBS) in affected sections of the intestines  ≡  Drainage of abdominal lymph  ≡  Promotion of circulation in the abdominal area  ≡  Improved respiration and oxygen supply  ≡  More efficient energy metabolism  ≡  Liver decongestion  ≡  Mobilisation of old stool remains from the colon  ≡  Promotion of detoxification via the colon

MayrPrevent® Therapy includes at least three manual abdominal treatments performed by the physician per week. The full effect of the four principles would not be possible without these treatments.

From a bland diet to a new appreciation of food.

As part of the therapy, a bland diet will be individually and personally designed for you. Your MayrPrevent® physician will take into account fundamental therapeutic nutritional principles, such as reduced carbohydrate and gluten consumption and any personal intolerances.

Learning how to chew properly and a slower appreciation of food improve your digestion, help you become aware of your body's natural feeling of fullness and support a healthy diet and eating habits.

The transition from therapy to daily life is supported by the mild cleansing diet. This diet helps you to retain the good health gained by the therapy and to re-accustom your digestion to a varied diet.

Incidentally, planning a healthy and high quality diet which is also easy to digest once therapy is complete in no way means abstention. The prime objective is to consciously retain and practice the newly acquired eating habits.

You will discover how to appreciate the real flavour of good food in an entirely new way and become mindful once again of your body's healthy feeling of fullness...

Your body will show you the way.

When it comes to your health, there is one sign which you can truly rely on: how you feel. With MayrPrevent® Therapy, you will rediscover an awareness of how your own body feels and what it really needs, learning valuable tips and information on how to take care of your self and maintain good health along the way. The therapy fully restores and regenerates body, mind and soul.

The following health can be significantly improved or even healed by MayrPrevent® Therapy:

Chronic pain and diseases  ≡  Gastritis, acid reflux issues  ≡  Irritable bowel syndrome  ≡  Chronic constipation  ≡  Food intolerances, allergies  ≡  Overweight and underweight  ≡  Rheumatism, arthritis, fibromyalgia  ≡  Migraine, tension headaches  ≡  Skin diseases, neurodermatitis, acne, cellulite  ≡  Chronic back problems  ≡  Sleep disorders  ≡  Susceptibility to infection  ≡  Metabolic disorders  ≡  Exhaustion, stress, burn-out  ≡  Reduced well-being, minor ailments  ≡  Hormonal disturbances and disorders

The therapy is also ideal for the treatment of the symptoms of diseases and disorder and for their prevention.