Franz Xaver Mayr (* 28. November 1875 in Gröbming, Austria; † 21. September 1965) was an Austrian physician (gastroenterologist). The main focus of his work was the diagnosis of the intestinal region and the effort to promote the regeneration of the patient through its rehabilitation. The therapy concept developed from this is known as F.X. Mayr Kur.
Mayr was the third child of the butcher and innkeeper Anton Mayr (1828-1875) and the seraphine Leygold (1851-1926). After attending elementary school in Gröbming, he was promoted in 1887 to 1. k.u.k. State grammar school in Graz. In September 1895 he finished school with distinction and began studying medicine in Graz. During various internships at the Sankt Radegund Spa and Water Treatment Centre near Graz (1899-1903), Mayr learned to massage patients suffering from severe constipation, which gave him decisive ideas for his own concept. In May 1901 Mayr received his doctorate summa cum laude. In 1903 he was appointed head of the Johannisbrunn hydropathic clinic near Troppau. 1903 to 1906 followed study trips to Paris, Nancy, Dresden, Berlin and London, where he heard pathology, psychotherapy, dietetics; in the museums of Naples and Rome he studied the physique of antique statues and paintings and established connections with the state of health, which flowed into his diagnosis and treatment concept. From 1906 Mayr began to treat in summer in the famous seaside resort of Karlovy Vary and in winter in Vienna. In 1915 he took his first fasting cure.

„If we now overlook the way which is to lead all of us, all peoples, to the most possible perfection of the body and the spirit and thereby from all misery and peacelessness to general prosperity and peace, then we will have to admit that the general realization of a purposeful nutrition of human beings is, as it were, the gate which alone today is able to grant us access to this way out.“

Dr. med. Franz Xaver Mayr is the founder of the diagnostics and therapy named after him. His ingenious medical concepts, especially his natural intestinal cleansing and his active health care, are still far ahead of our time.

These guidelines provided for a thorough examination of the patient and the detection of disorders caused by deviations from defined abdominal measurements, postures and skin conditions. The subsequent treatment relieved, spared, cleaned and regenerated the disturbed intestinal system.

Only in the last decade have they influenced a constantly growing number of doctors at home and abroad. Hundreds of thousands already owe F.X. Mayr have successfully taken the path to fundamentally better health and regeneration.

Modern neurogastroenterology essentially confirms Mayr's thoughts. The books "Der Darm, das zweite Gehirn" and "Der kluge Bauch" by Emeran Mayer and Michael Gershon, which appeared at the end of the nineties, also supported Mayr's thoughts scientifically.