Especially in medicine, a regular exchange between physicians of a special field is very important. Here valuable experiences can be passed on, the own knowledge is updated. As an F.X. Mayr doctor, the quality circles offer you a platform to share and discuss specialist knowledge with colleagues.
It is not always possible for doctors to participate in the further training of our society. However, for the Mayr Prevent® Seal to continue to exist, it is necessary to show 15 points for further training on the subject within two years. By participating in a circle, you will receive three training points, stay in contact with colleagues and receive regular information on Mayr medicine.

The Austrian Medical Association recognises the Quality Circle with the right to training points under the following conditions: The moderator must have completed a moderator training course organised by the Austrian Medical Association, and the circle must be led and registered by the moderator. In order to be able to carry out an open exchange of experience, a group size of at least 5 to 15 participants is considered optimal.
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